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Somehow you've stumbled on to this site!

Welcome to my site, DayDream. I hope u like it

Everyone needs a place they can call their own. This is mine. My little slice of internet space. Somehow, out of all the millions of sites on the web, u've managed to find mine. Aren't u lucky? This is about my 3rd attempt @ making a web p. and so far, i like this 1 the best, meaning i'll most likely stick to it. Unless it somehow manages 2 screw up on me like the other 2.  Anyway... thanks 4 visiting, have fun!

Updates/New Things

August 14 04
Redid the layout (haha i said LAY- out..) cuz i could :D... can anyone make me a sesshomaru layout? i want 1.. and i dont kno HTML so its kinda hard 4 me 2 make 1....
 Added Sesshomaru's picture p.*big grin*
Added a new section:Randomness...

August 12 04
  Redoing the Inuyasha Pictures section.Im organizing it into sub-catogories and stuff... So if its lacking in ALOT, im sorri. It should be fully up in about 2 or 3 days.

August 11 04
   Rearranged the Poems section:D it didn't take very long as I only have tree poems there. Im considering taking down Sango's Dare and putting up another story.. what? I have no clue, but I can't consintrate on Inuyasha In The Future 100% if I still have to finish that 1, because, believe me. IITF is NOT an easy story to write....

August 10 04
 Finished Chapter 1 of Inuyasha In the Future! Im So Proud!

August 7 04
  Added Cast Of Characters to Inuyasha In The Future,

August 6 04
   Back from Alberta... which means i'll be updating more.... i cant believe 6 ppl have read the Inuyasha Story! r they the same person...??? 15 whole ppl have viewed my site.. sad.. 4 so many reasons...


Updates/ New Things

If I've made even the smallest change, u'll hear about it here

July 31 04
  This is the last time I'll post 4 awhile... 2 weeks for sure, maybe more. Im going on VaCaTiOn! YAY!!! Fun Fun... as I can't go on the computer on Sundays(for some gay reason..personally I think it's my parents way of gaining power..its *1* thing they can control.. but w/e) Anyway. I added some pictures 2 Other Pictures and i created o whole new catagory Designs under pictures.I also *slightly* edited 'About Me'(meaning I changed the lyrics on there..) plus I added the beginning of a story I'm writing.. I'll TRY 2 finish it while I'm gone.. but I might not... Also I added a new p. Inuyasha In The Future. It's a story that Nicole http://naudy-gurl-69.tripod.com, and I are co-writing. Right now theres barely anything there.. but still its good. Warning tho! NOT for little kids....
  Well anyway, Till next time, Bye Bye.. Love ya's!

July 30 04
Completed(meaning made them presentable 2 public...):
Contact Me--> not that any1 reads those pages anyway so i dont even c y I put it up, its a waste of bandwidth but w/e
Poems--> I actually put 2 poems on there!
and I added:
i started an Inuyasha p. under pictures.. the other pictures catagory has nothin there yet and HAppy Bunny pictures isnt up yet.. but it will be!!! Mwhahahahaha

July 29 04
Up and Running! Just opened... still working on many things! Have fun exploring! Alot of things are messed up write now, ive only finished(well sorta finished) about 2 ps. The rest r still in the default form that comes with starting a p., so if i doesnt make sense yet, it will soon!